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Dating in Colombia: The Language of Affection

Often has it been actually claimed that the very best technique to improve in an overseas tongue is to begin dating a local. There is, it needs to be actually claimed, a lot truthto this.

Even students that, in the class, can barely be actually worried about to string witheachother a systematic paragraph, all of a sudden possess boundless excitement for boosting their foreign language abilities as quickly as they converse to a man or even gal they just like.

To excel in the planet of love, you’ ll requirement to be capable to speak sensibly. On the planet of Colombian dating, poor meet spanish woman does not act as a lot of a love drug.

Winning somebody’ s love needs you to be charming, hilarious, free and also soft –- none of whichis feasible if you’ re stuttering away in heavily-accented Spanglish.

To support you take your 1st steps in to this globe, our team’ ll look below at an option of the countless ways that Colombians refer to tourist attraction, courting, getting together and falling apart.

Beautiful Folks

Standard Spanishhas a tons of various means to mention a person (or even one thing) is stunning or attractive. But most of these are actually muchalso serious-sounding to be used when talking amongst your pals.

Take, as an example, the paragraph” Ella es muy bonita “, whichis a completely reputable means to state ” She is incredibly wonderful “. It’ s difficult to picture a team of fellas hanging out, consuming a couple of draft beers, mentioning this regarding a lady. It will be so formal that it’d in fact sound a little bit unusual.

The adhering to slang-style expressions would certainly matchmuchbetter in suchsituations:

Estar buena/ estar bueno

” Estar buena ” is actually most likely the absolute most common expression that people will utilize to speak about warm females. Be actually alerted, however, that it is utilized just about solely to discuss a person, rather than ever being actually pointed out straight to their face. If claimed straight to a lady, it seems rather base and succeeded’ t be well obtained.

Women often explain appealing guys withthe words ” estar bueno “, but again are unlikely to say this directly to the person’ s experience. The concern listed here is actually certainly not a lot the danger of leading to misdemeanor –- a risk whichis, allow’ s face it, all but non-existent –- but instead that it would certainly simply be a really total on factor to say. Not quite like stating to the guy ” your spot or mine?”, yet not too away it either.

Mamacita/ Papasito

Weirdly, Colombians utilize the terms for ” little bit of mum ” and also ” little bit of daddy ” as slang for an attractive woman or even man.

A number of various other quite identical words to ” mamacita ” – and ” papsito “- like ” mamasota ” –/ ” papasote “, ” mami ” as well as ” mamita “- additionally possess practically the very same significance.

All these phrases are a bit even more lighthearted than” ” estar buena ” and also some females can discover it free to become referred to as a ” mamacita “. This is actually by no means global: others locate it patronising as well as being without class.

Unsurprisingly, guys will once more be actually enjoyed be knowned as a ” papasito “.

Chimba/ chimbita (v.)

An extremely well-known, if disrespectful, method to define incredible appearing ladies. Dued to the fact that ” chimba ” is also a slang word for the women genitalia, it is actually undoubtedly certainly not one of the most enchanting explanation, but it is actually extensively utilized nevertheless.

Two guy buddies, as an example, might have the complying withtalk: 1. ” Me dicen que su amiga es muy bonita” ” 2. ” Bonita no, & iexcl; es una chimba! “( 1. ” I hear her pal is actually quite fairly “. 2. ” She ‘ s certainly not only fairly, she ‘ s a piece of ass! “-RRB-.



” Pintoso ” is actually a tag put on a ” excellent appearing guy “( use of the womanly variation, ” pintosa “, is actually considerably less common ). Unlike the previous terms, whichare actually all filled along withsexuality, this is a neutral term that performs not essentially indicate the sound speaker is actually drawn in to the person they’ re referring to.

Perhaps it’ s like illustrating a male as ” beautiful ” or ” great appearing ” rather than ” warm ” or ” sexy “. Also upright Colombian guys can be listened to using this phrase to (begrudgingly) acknowledge that of their male close friends is good looking.


A somewhat less well-known jargon condition for a desirable person, whichcould be made use of for eachmen and women. A lot more practically, a ” bollo ” is actually a foodstuff, a sort of danishmade coming from yucca, white potato or corn. I reckon the ramification is actually that the person you’ re referring to is actually as appetizing as the food.

Playing the Game

Dating in Colombia is actually absolutely all about ” survival of the fittest”. Competition to obtain as well as keep partners is actually fiercer listed below than in any other country I have experienced.

In many ways, the nation still possesses a machista lifestyle throughwhichfellas are quite onward and also the women obtain matched/ propositioned continuously. Include some incorporated flavor, in the form of the sensual dance propose whichColombians are actually popular, as well as you’ ve got yourself a recipe for a very sexualised dating setting.

In this reasonable situation, teasing and activity playing takes on additional usefulness. So here’ s how you should speak about it:


No uncertainty you’ ve heard the word ” conquistar ” in the context of themeet spanish woman ” vanquishers ” who invaded Latin United States numerous a century ago. Nowadays, the verb ” to control ” is used very most regularly in dating cases, where it describes the process of ” controling ” another ‘ s heart.

On representation, that might be an excessively romantic summary for a phrase whichis primarily made use of by individuals discussing ” conquering ” someone for one evening. Hardly is it used to cover all of them swaying the passion of their lifestyle.

Echar los perros

” Echar los perros” “( ignited. ” throwing the pet dogs “-RRB- is actually an extremely popular expression meaning ” ahead on to an individual ” or ” to try it on along witha person “.

For case, when conversing regarding the previous night out, a Colombian girl may fuss: ” Ese man me estaba echando los perros durante toda Los Angeles noche. ¡& iexcl; No me dejó en paz nunca!” ” (” That person devoted the entire night trying it on along withme. He merely wouldn’ t leave me alone!”-RRB-.


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