The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Seed Oil

Researchers at the University of CBD oil products Arkansas for Medical Science recently rolled up their sleeves to investigate CBD hepatotoxicity in mice. Cannabis oil can balance out the negative oils in your system and lower cholesterol by stimulating antioxidant creation. Reputable CBD oil will come with a certificate of analysis (COA) that details exactly what’s in the product. More accurately, drug testing usually measures a metabolite called 11-nor-delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid (THC-COOH).

Our doctors had never heard of CBD here in the UK and whilst that is slowly changing now, especially since the MRHA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency) declared CBD a real medicine with real benefits, meaning that doctors have to be knowledgeable on the subject matter, when I embarked on this path little was known about legal medical cannabis in the UK.

In a 2015 report presented by Nora D. Volkow, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, to the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, cannabidiol was shown to possess therapeutic effects, indicating that it may also provide neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits(6). With a treasure trove of peer-reviewed papers to support medicinal and therapeutic uses of cannabinoid-containing substances, and CBD recently made federally legal , the time has never been better to investigate the relationship between CBD and your health.


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